Louisville Wedding Cake

Louisville Candy Buffet

$2.75 per person  Sa-weet!
+ $50 delivery fee
Your candy buffet is all about delight.

It's  a guest favor.

It's decor. 

It's a sparking, sweet, yummy, guilty pleasure that every single guest will still be talking about months after your event.  It's, well, it's about the most fun you'll have while being an adult all dressed up at a party or wedding reception. 

Introducing -
The Smack Cake!
A tiered chocolate shell in white, milk or dark chocolate, with candy inside.  Use the included hammer to break open the cake with a SMACK!

It's the perfect centerpiece for your candy buffet or a fun groom's cake!
Your candy buffet by Louisville Candy Buffet comes with plenty of candy chosen in the colors of your event, fanciful glass containers with wide openings that are easy to serve from, scoops or tongs, and bags and twist ties so that your guests can take some of the happiness home.  We decorate the table, set it all up, at the end of the night break it all down, and of course you get to keep the leftovers!

$2.75 per person
(50 person minimum)
We start planning Your Candy Buffet by assembling the Candy Committee.

We almost always start with hand molded chocolate
hearts (or anotheappropriate shape) in the colors of your event.  We say almost always because if your event is outside and the weather is hot, well we both remember what happened to the chocolate bar that was in your pocket back in the 8th grade on that 98 degree sunny day.  Not pretty.

Then we like to add some of the
usual crowd pleasers:  chocolate and white covered pretzels overstriped in your colors,  Hershey kisses,  jelly beans, hard candies, gummy candies and shhhh even some gummy bears.  (Don't tell the Candy Committee.)  We love to add candy sticks and lollipops for fun and color.

Then we call our wonderful wholesalers to see what other goodies they might have in your color scheme.  Sometimes they surprise us with what they find!